Monday, October 7, 2013

Satisfying small

I'm about to coin a new term (which reminds me: I coined one a while back, and while my friend Tommy thinks it will not take off I would like to disagree with him. Anyway. Remind me to remind you of this term soon. Hold me accountable; I might write more often.). But for now, take notes on the one I'm actually going to tell you about now.

And don't take credit for this term. You may use it. But don't act like you came up with it. Unless you, too, came up with this same term, in which case let's be best friends right now.

OK. Term: 

Satisfying Small.

A "satisfying small" is something small that brings a bit of satisfaction.

My satisfying small for the evening? 

When my microwave ravioli meal is at the end of its first heating cycle - the part where it needs to be stirred before returning to the microwave - and I get to flip each ravioli over with my fork. 

I enjoy it. 

Satisfying small. 

What's yours? 

Antihistamine Party

Bottle of Allegra in my purse.

Lid not fully affixed.

It's like a tiny, sneezy person yelled, "Opa!" and made a run for it. Slipped out on his bum, using the purse strap as a getaway slide.