Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sharing the media

In case any of you don't know this, several journalism students don't actually consume a lot of media.

We're a little busy. (I know, I know, I spent a large portion of yesterday hanging out with Kim and Kourtney. Hey, it's still media, if we want to get technical here.)

There are some students who are news junkies and go after information followed by more information, yes. But a lot of us like to joke about the irony of discussing the media all the time and not actually being up to great snuff on what's going on in the world. Or our backyard for that matter.

Here's an extra reason why I'm not consuming a ton of media today. Someone's chillin'
out on top of my newspaper:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friend I'd like to have


I am not kidding when I say that I am pretty sure I'd like to be friends with Rob Kardashian.

I watched--ahem--every episode of 'Keeping Up' surrounding the family's Bora Bora vacation today. And I decided that I think I'd like to get to know Rob. He seems like a nice guy. I think we'd get along.

ICYW (In case you're wondering),

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Too late

I am way too old for this (lack of) sleep schedule.

Graduation in less than eight months!

Good night, says the tired lady.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We should do this again sometime

Remember when two boys made me dinner and the three of us chatted for a long time afterward?

Good impromptu evening for this girl! Kurt and Dustin were very good hosts, with a very clean apartment to boot. Gold stars to you both. ;)

Typing paws

While I can't use the excuse, "the dog ate my homework" (as if anyone buys that, nay, uses that anymore), I may someday be able to declare to an instructor that, "the cat walked on my keyboard."

Will there be sympathies? Well, is the prof. a cat or dog person?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The things we do to get a diploma

Sometimes you have to stop watching the Kardashians' vacation in Bora Bora and do your philosophy homework instead.

Speaking of, can I go to Bora Bora? Anyone want to fund that?

Crave and you may receive

I got a craving for guacamole last night.

It was late, I didn't have an avocado, so I let it go for the evening.

I found an Alton Brown recipe that looks pretty delish, but by the time I went to sleep I think I had decided that due to time constraints I should just buy pre-made guac this time around. I got in bed and made a list for today. I wrote "guacamole," as in: eat guacamole. Initially it might have meant "make and eat guacamole," but nonetheless it made the list.

Today I went to the grocery store and was directed to the produce section for already made guac.

Upon arriving near the avocados, an employee nearby approached me--I believe--before I could approach him.

I told him I was looking for already-made guacamole.

The man was serving samples of guacamole.

Oh I sampled. And I purchased. I went for the spicier variety.

I am currently eating it with room temperature Coke, and "watching" the Chiefs get beat by the Lions. If I didn't have so much to do, I might be swigging Octoberfest beer with my lunch (yes, this is lunch) instead.

On that note, it's halftime. Gotta pack up my stuff and head to a place that offers caffeine. Philosophy paper about Belarus, here we come!...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ri. dic. u. lous.

I started making a list earlier today.

I made the list in a Word Document.

It's the type of list that falls into a category that I named during my senior year of college. And that would be a "panic list." Briefly, panic lists include several things that are making you panic.

With today's particular panic list, I:
  1. Made the list according to five basic stress categories (3 courses I am enrolled in, 1 for which I am a teaching assistant, and 1 publication for which I am writing)
  2. I also added something about a phone call I needed to make. Made the phone call. Off the list.
  3. I also did some color coding: a)First, to highlight each category (class #1, class #2, etc.). b)Second, to highlight some of the more urgent, or, largely pressing things that I might forget about but can't exactly push to the last minute.
  4. Then, I copied the entire list and pasted it directly underneath the original list.
  5. Then, I put the items on the pasted list in date order, based on when each thing is due (by the way, this is for things that are due by or before Thursday--this is not, by any means, a list for the entire semester).
  6. Then, I took both lists and put them in two columns, so I could look at them side by side, both color coded, one sorted by category, the other by date.
And I don't consider myself an organized person. This is not typical list making for me. This is just how busy I am, that I feel the need to color code and columnate a list because my brain doesn't want to work overtime.

Here's the kicker: I don't feel like I got that much done today.

Can you imagine if I had a spouse? Or a roommate? Or a dog, who would require walking and lots of attention, rather than a cat? Sure, he wakes me up in the middle of the night for food, but at least he doesn't complain that there is stuff all over the living room floor. And he likes to snuggle. BONUS.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stellar parents

I just called my dad.

I told him about my paranoid worrying and that I'm being ridiculous with my worrying. He told me it's ridiculous any time that I spend worrying, but that he would talk to me about that when I was not worrying.

Then he asked for my bank account information so that he can wire me money to pay off my current bill for school and my student health insurance.

Then Mom had to tell me "three quick things" (have fun tailgating, she's visiting the KC Star and I can come, we should go shopping if/when I do come home).

Love them both so much.

xoxo, M&D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm sure you care.

September's budget is causing Bailey and Diblets to try some brands of certain items we wouldn't normally go for as our first choices*.

We'll see if Bailey likes AIM toothpaste and if Dibby likes HyVee brand cat food.

*Actually, I suppose I can't speak for Dibby here. I gave him Purina last year instead of Science Diet and he loved it. I'm sure you care.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And then there were three...four

I was walking by myself at first.

Then Erika called, and I told her where I was, so she met me there.

And then, as we were walking, we saw Kyle (and Rufus the dog) walking.

It occurred to me later that that was a little unusual, as far as walking situations go--accumulating fellow walkers along the way. No?

Kind of like a musical. Random crowds appearing. Although the four of us didn't break into song and dance. (This time, anyway. We'll see about future walks. Although I don't know if the accumulation walk will be repeated, seems kind of like a one-time thing. I'm analyzing this too much...)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Shared schedule

So there's that saying about how people who are married long enough start to look like each other.

Well what does it mean when you and your cat take a potty break at the same time?

Just happened.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The vote is in

If you want to enter the contest for best landlord-renter relationship,


My landlords and I have already won it.

Earlier I called to leave a message that I hadn't been able to get the water to turn on while trying to use the washer.

Got a call back explaining that it had been unplugged, and oh by the way have you eaten already?

Two hamburgers (with pickles, tyvm (thank you very much--I just made up that abbreviation, I like it)) and a glass of wine later...

Yeah. Don't enter the contest. Unless you've really got some competition to provide.

Time to do my homework.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Miss Congeniality 2 and The Princess Diaries 2 are currently on TV on channels that, per my home's cable listing, are next to each other on the dial.

For just a little bit there if you switched back and forth between the two there were a lot of tiaras in the competing scenes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Friends marathons on TV are hard to turn off.

Luckily tonight I don't have too much to prepare before tomorrow. Last night I had to relocate in my apartment away from the glowing box to get a move on my writing assignments.

Even when you've seen the episodes soooo many times...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm having trouble sitting for long periods of time these days. Well, sitting and paying attention to something other than television or beer and pizza on a table in front of me.

During a lecture yesterday--which was engaging and interesting--I feel like I was tappin' my toes, and then today I had two meetings back to back and I had such a hard time there too.

I think during meetings especially there can be a lot of anxiety just building up as you sit there. People are tossing around ideas, then building on those ideas. You often gain a responsibility or two during the meeting. And if discussion goes down a tangent that either doesn't interest or directly concern you, you just have to sit there and listen.

My anxiety bubbles and I just want to excuse myself. "Can I go to the hall and eat my snack while you finish discussing this?"

We just have so. much. to do.

I was at dinner with my friend Chris tonight and he was trying to get a grasp on what it is that's on my plate (besides the artichoke pizza), between preparing to write a thesis (and no, I don't just mean sitting there thinking about it), writing for a publication, teaching assistant responsibilities...

So to add to that by merely listening to other's conversations can seriously stress me out--call me ridiculous, or nod your head in utter agreement. It kind of makes me feel selfish, thinking in a way that essentially says, "I don't want to listen to your issues*," but again--so. much. to do.

So often I have to just focus on the very next thing--what's due tomorrow, in the next hour. When was the last time I ate? Better grab a string cheese. Cat's meowing--feed him. I have to ignore the embarrassing clutter of dishes on the counter, in the sink, on the living room floor (because I eat there a lot, not because I store my kitchen supplies there), resist the urge to paint my nails (I want to paint them turquoise next), and just type out the 750- and 150-word assignments due tomorrow, reminding myself that the weekend is almost here and then I can wash dishes, paint my nails.

(And then realize that the weekend is over and I have to do homework and sit through lectures and meetings again.)

I suppose the good news is that as I get progressively more exhausted (ugh), sitting for an hour or so might become a welcome task.

*At least not at the time. I used to be a much better listener, sitting with people for hours to let them vent, be upset, be happy. I like to think I still do that with some...and that I'll get back to that (well, to some degree--I'll probably never have the same listening capacity as I did as a freshman in college again) eventually. :/

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rufus to the rescue!

When I got done with class today I was pretty cranky.

I called Kyle and left him a message inviting myself on a walk with him and Rufus (his dog).

I got home and took a breather--tried to nap for maybe...4 minutes, watched TV, sent several emails, some with sad faces--and then Kyle called back.

We did several laps on the trail with Rufus, during which Kyle informed me Dibbs is his favorite cat.


I felt much better after this walk.

Then later I got word that I was accepted for a writing position I applied for--yay!

This does mean lots of work for the semester (well, more than the lots of work that was already scheduled). Feeling like I've maybe bit off more than I can chew? You could say that.

Bedtime. Smooches.

La la la

Remember when I was awake at 2:38 a.m.? Yeah, me too.

I'm watching Friends, which is taking the edge off of the annoyance of not being asleep when I have stuff to do tomorrow.

I also have to pee, but don't really want to get up off the love seat.

I made some noodles in the microwave, Dibby did a little licking of said noodles.

Went to my friend Jessica's wedding last night, it was sooooo much fun.

I think I'm getting closer to sleepy time.

Rewind: back to the Friends discussion. It's strange to me that I am actually near the age range of the characters on this show. Monica made a mention of her age, 27, in an episode I watched tonight.

People, I'm 26.


I see some similarities between me/my friends and them, and also some differences. (Wow, that was a sentence that makes me look like a really deep thinker, eh?)

Night, kids. Talk later.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

When nothing satisfies

I had a good day.

Swimming with friends, dinner with friends. On the way home I got caught driving in the rain, so I hung out in the parking lot of the grocery store reading. Then bought some groceries, came home to my precious cat.

I'm pretty tired, so I should just go to bed.

But I am finding reason to complain.

There was nothing of particular interest to me on TV. I'm tired enough to sleep, which should just be what it is, but I want to still be up.

It's like I feel that I want time with people, even though I've been with people all day.

Maybe it's because I'm leaving town tomorrow, and the throwing off of my allotted time at home is bothering me.

I'm not sure.

Maybe it's because I saw a man gently grab his girl's chin today so he could give her a kiss, and I want someone to kiss me goodnight.

I should really just go to sleep. Read approximately 1.8 pages of a book until I get so sleepy I can't stand it anymore. And then turn off the lights and soon greet tomorrow.

Why I fight sleep when given the opportunity, while so often I'm more tired than I want to be, I may never fully understand.