About Bailey

I began my writing career with a typewriter. Copying the words of Amelia Bedelia, there was something in me that wanted to put words on a page, even at the young age of (give or take) six.

In fourth grade I wrote for my church's Vacation Bible School "newspaper," covering the week's events.

At age 11, my teacher told me to "Keep writing," and I guess on some level I was always listening to her, because 20 years later here I find myself:

A writer.

I hold a bachelor's in Psychology from Valparaiso University and a master's in Magazine Writing from the Univ. of Missouri School of Journalism.

By day I work for a mental health center in the quality assurance department, and I spend my spare time cross stitching, cuddling my rescue cat, Office Max, reading, grabbing cold brewskis with friends, shooting pool....

Oh yeah. And writing. A lot.

I love to blog here at the (seven years young!) Daily Bailey, and I am working on a middle grade novel about a girl struggling with anxiety.

Thanks for dropping by, and God bless!

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