Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two things I don't like to taste a second time

Onions and peppers. Of the raw variety.


Tasty, not to mention kinesthetically (does that word work here? Going with it.) pleasing to snap pieces apart in your teeth.

But I taste them all. day. whenever I eat them.

And onions?

Onions on a burger - as I enjoyed them today - can be


But again: taste them all day.

The latter of these two revisiting tastes is the more unpleasant, in my opinion, but I have to tell you, I wince a little on the rare occasion that I partake of either, sheerly in anticipation of my certain post-lunch agony.

Who's got an Altoid for your favorite blogger? At this point, I'll pay you for it. (But the burger, from the Slanging Corea food truck, was very good. Like, really good. I'm just still deciding if it was worth it.)

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