Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Post Script: Surprises

Regarding my previous post:

I got two emails from each of my parents (who will be here IN CALIFORNIA in TWO DAYS!!!) this evening, regarding the prospect of going to Disneyland this Thursday.

I never knew they had interest in Disneyland, so I had to call to figure out if this was too good to be true, or just true and good.

I figured Dad would be more of the Disney type, between the two of them, and as I was talking to Mom she said she didn't expect Dad to have been interested.

"He always surprises me," she said, as if she were mentioning that he always buys off brand cereal. Not in an annoyed way, just in...a normal way.

Because my dad's surprises are her normal.

They met approximately 38 years ago.

Speaking of surprises...I hope that the Part Two of my future love story is that the surprising (and the happiness, and the laughs, and the love) keep on giving, long after we've met, and courted, and committed, and continued to commit.

Meanwhile, please point the way toward Goofy, as I hang out with my friends named Mom and Dad.

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