Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hyper happy

People, I am like, too excited.

As my dear friend Sarah says, I need to calm it down.

But I can't!!!

Because Hawaii!!!

And ballet!

And...other things I'm going to keep privately to myself even though I'm bursting at the seams!

And cat! Sweetest cat in the universe who has decided to become a lap cat!!!!!!


And Taylor Swift's 1989 album that I can't stop listening to!

And crazy hike that has me crazy sore two days later but was such a badass workout!


Breathe, Bailey, breathe. Where is a meditation class when you need one? I need calming music and a dark room, pronto.

Hawaii -- so while I was spending time with my brother Riley and his wife Caitlin at Christmas, they told me they're going to Hawaii, and then they said I should come along.

"Are you suuuuure???"


I had to be sure. They were sure. So last night I booked a flight and a bed at a hostel.


Today I registered for my ballet class at a local college. I took a class five years ago (wow, five) and have been waiting to take another one. So excited.

And something else I'm not telling you about.

And cat. Seriously, Office Max has decided he loves my lap and wants to be in it a lot.

I am more than fine with this.

I miss him a lot when I'm away from him.

I'm obsessed with him when I'm with him.

I visited him at lunch yesterday. I plan to do the same today.

Plus I have leftovers in the fridge.

But cat.

And Taylor Swift. Can't stop listening. So good.

We're going on over a month now that I've been listening to this album, off and on.

And hike.

Did a 7 mile hike with elevation change of about 3,000 feet on Monday.

Yow. Za.

We were so proud of ourselves. And had Bud Lights on tap and bar food to celebrate our accomplishment.

I apologize for this crazy hyper happy post. Those kind of blogs are super annoying. I know you guys are used to my anxiety-depression-struggling-with-my-faith posts. Regularly scheduled programming may return soon.

So hyper happy. Need to calm it down.

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  1. I like crazy hyper happy posts! Especially at 5 AM, after having been up for a few hours already, and knowing toddlers will soon awaken and require lots of energy all day long. Super happy posts to start the day help set a happy tone, which makes the little guys happy too. So thank you for the crazy hyper happy post :)