Monday, September 12, 2016

Compassion prayers

Guten tag, my reading friends.

Per a friend's request, I am posting yesterday's prayers.

May you all be well, and not wrecked by the memories that yesterday stirred for us all, but rather renewed in hope, light, life, and love. If you are not feeling those things, my prayer is that you would reach out, or reach Up, to find some relief.

Much love,

Theme/worship intention: Compassion = suffering with

September 11, 2016

When we toss at night, and our minds tangle with our sheets. As we have thoughts of what is wrong with our lives, or what is wrong with us, tame us. Smooth the hair out of our eyes, and hum a lullaby of peace. When we wake and our morning latte doesn’t erase our disheveled state, hold our hand. Even at our worst, help us realize the miracle that we can still serve, because where Your spirit is, there is freedom. When our spirits are broken, help us use the parts that are still living to soothe those in our reach. And in return, may we be comforted and return to peace.
When we are annoyed by those who are still maturing in areas that we believe we have mastered, humble us. Remind us that we all have to climb the steps of growth in our own time. When someone’s economic status, or sexual orientation, or style of dress, makes us squirm, adjust our lens so we see that person as your beloved child. Prick our hearts in the places where we have been misunderstood, so that we can remember the times we needed others to respond to our uniqueness with grace. Only you can turn a situation on its head, turning us from judges into friends.
On this tragic anniversary for our nation, Lord, we know that you are solemn with us. We know that you are especially with those who lost someone whom they can call by name. Wrap your widows and orphans in a heavenly shawl, as we prepare them a cup of tea. Let us hold them as they weep, and may they wake up tomorrow renewed. Remove us from a place of fear, and turn our eyes to hope. Teach us to always seek out how we can make the world better. May our own experience of grief and uncertainty urge us to remember those around the world who now face the same.
For our Muslim brothers and sisters, who are too often treated unjustly on account of the actions of few. May we not bristle with fear when we see scarves on heads; instead open our eyes to people who are a lot like us; people who want to worship and walk in peace. May we be open to them in all ways – with open hands, open hearts, and open doors. When other walks of life frighten us, let us not turn on our heels and run, but set us down inside a conversation. Be our mediator, and our guide. Give us the words we are to say before we speak them.
For those wrestling with an emptiness inside them, may we share our life’s fullness to fill in their hollow. May we serve them bread that steams when torn apart. May we draw a bath and pour in the fancy soap. May the couches in therapists’ offices be extra cushy. Make us brave enough to lance our emotional wounds, so that healing may rush in. When we find ourselves in our most hopeless corner, draw us out. Lead us to doctors, and fresh air and casseroles and dance parties, and to people who will sit with us, for as long as we need sitting. As their arms embrace us, may we feel your arms, too, in a divine group hug.
Our world has long groaned in deep, emotional pain. May we hear your groaning on our behalf, and know that You feel our labor pains alongside us. You are the best Lamaze coach we could ever desire. As our bodies cramp and our chests heave, you dab our heads with wet terry cloth. You place ice chips on our hot tongues and rub our tight backs as they melt. You mysteriously make us laugh when we feel like we are dying. And then you give us new life, revealing your grace in warm light that fills the room, as we forget the thrashing that came before. And then we know that the scars left behind are just a memory, of that time you stopped the bleeding and stitched us back to wholeness in You.


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    1. Thanks for the initial assignment, Sir. It's been so rewarding to reflect on God's Word and hand in our lives. And happy to serve the Bethel community in any way that I can.