Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Oh the wait was so worth it"

I remember when "The Remedy" came out, I liked it to a certain extent. I remember I came home from college for Christmas break and when Patrick drove me home from the airport, it came on the radio and we talked about how we liked it. What I mostly value from it is the lyric, "I won't worry my life away."

But in general I haven't been a big Jason Mraz fan.

"I'm Yours" is so annoying to me. I think I might have liked it briefly when it first came out and then quickly changed my mind.

I have a mixed CD that my friend Caleb gave me and I used to skip to the songs I particularly liked. There was one song on there that I skipped over and then for some reason I didn't once this spring and thought, "What is this song?!" because it was so good. I was so surprised to find that it was a Jason Mraz song, because it didn't fit the style I usually associate him with. It's called "A Beautiful Mess." Honestly, it was those first notes on the guitar that made me think it would be annoying. I still don't enjoy the little plinky string of notes, but I overlook it because I love the rest.

Earlier today I heard a song on the radio that was so notable that I wrote down some of the lyrics. I looked it up this evening and sure enough: Jason. "I Won't Give Up." Here are both of them, for your enjoyment:

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