Thursday, June 28, 2012

Technical difficulties won't stop me

So I decided to look up information about Craig Ferguson tickets tonight and discovered they are super easy to get. I set up an account, chose my show, and shabam! Tickets!

That's not the story I'm here to tell, though.

There was a caveat:

There was one of those e-ticket screens, you know, like you get when signing in for a flight (I just wrote "plane ride," thought of the other term--"flight"--then deleted "plane ride." I sound like a 5-year-old: Plane ride!) and then you can print your boarding pass.

Well I'm at home, and I don't have a printer here. My landlords might, come to think of it, but oh well. No worries. Because I have the situation under control.

I sent the following message (edited to disguise my confirmation number, should one of you try to nab my free Craig tickets) to the help department through one of those "Contact us" forms.

Yeah that's what they're called, the "Help Department." Shut up, I've had a long day/week/month/couple of months. Anyway, here's the message in all its Luddite, ridiculous glory:


I just registered for 2 tickets to a Craig Ferguson show. The tickets are available, but I didn't realize I would have to print them. My computer is not hooked up to a printer. Is there a way I can access the ticket print-off page again (for example, tomorrow at work, where there is a printer)?

I see there's a QR code on there, but I don't have a smart phone--seriously. I realize this probably sounds like a joke, not having a printer or a smart phone. :)

Anyway, here's what I think is the confirmation number: #xxxxx

Help me see CraigyFerg, please!


This is for real. If you requested this contact form through a records request, the only thing that would differ is the confirmation number and perhaps the font choice of the records request people.

After sending the above message, I 1)realized I could copy and paste the page with the e-ticket to a Word document and email it to myself to print later. Then as I composed an email to myself, to which I would attach the Word document, I, by nature of habit, I guess*, pasted the ticket information again into the body of the email and 2)realized that such was an option in place of bothering to attach the Word document to the email at all.

Finally, I 3)Went ahead and attached the document to the email anyway. For good measure.

I have got my ass covered on this, I tell ya. Hey, Ray Romano is a guest, I wanna see that guy, not to mention Craigy himself. And hopefully Secretariat!!

I thought about sending a second message to the ticket people at the Help Department to say, "Oh I figured it out, I copied and pasted, and I'll print it later," but decided against it.

Oh boy, I'm a mess.

You might think that one of these days I'll catch up to the 21st century, but I've gotta be honest with you: I'm not planning on it. I'm quite happy here in 1996.

I also learned something this evening, which is important for all of us, I think, to know and understand. From the producers of Craig's show, please read this carefully (emphasis mine): "The audience is asked not to bring any items to the show for the purpose of giving them to Craig Ferguson, Geoff Peterson, other characters or guests of the show."

Now I'm not sure Secretariat counts as a "character." I would like to count him (her?) an animal, rather. So I'm debating whether I should bring a salt lick or a nice crunchy apple for my equine friend. It might prevent me from getting inside. Perhaps an apple is the better choice, as I could always pass it off as my own snack.

*I do a lot of copying and pasting**, what can I say.
**Not to be confused with plagiarism, which I do not support nor participate in.

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