Sunday, November 4, 2012



I am too exhausted -- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually -- to write you a really thought out post, so I am going to embrace the positive -- because there are so many positives in my life and I really, truly know that, even amidst the negative -- and share with y'all a list of some of my favorite things as of late.

Doing this will also provide me an excuse to post a Sound of Music video at the end of this post. I will say, in advance, you're welcome for that.

So, Bails' current fave list:
  • James Herriot memoirs. I love this writer and his books about animals so, so much.
  • While we're on that subject, I love that I share property with animals.
  • And I love animals, period. Duh. 
  • My spectacular friends, some of whom I already consider family, in my new city where I've lived for a mere 5 months.
  • Parenthood. (The show, not the life event.)
  • Ray Romano on Parenthood. Such a hunky, lovable character.
  • Cross stitching in the evenings.
  • Laughing with my coworkers.
  • Beer and Mexican food. Actually, beer is an ongoing favorite and Mexican food is not actually a favorite at the moment. But I just wanted to list those two things together, because they should get married already, am I right?
  • Coffee. Thank the good Lord for coffee. (This is also an ongoing favorite).
  • The sunshine in California. I love walking out of my home in 90 degree heat in November. I don't say this to brag, in fact several people out there wouldn't envy such weather, in November or any time. But the sun does so much for my spirit. 
  • My family and friends on speed dial. Theoretical speed dial, of course. As if I know how to set that up on my phone. 
  • The abundance of parking spaces in the Valley.
  • My cushy, spacious bed. 
  • Chick flicks. All about the chick flicks as of late. 
  • My church, with its incredible preaching and music. I am overwhelmed by it over and over again.
All right, kiddos. Now it's time to ask yourself: What are your favorite things? If you're having trouble getting started with your list, let Jules help you out:


  1. This post is so uplifting! :) You're one of my favorite things BKB - duh!

  2. aww, sar bear!!! how sweet! xoxo