Thursday, January 31, 2013

How old are you, Bailey? I'm this many!

Let me tell you what I have in store for the remainder of this evening.

A family friendly comedy film,

to be watched while consuming Budweiser and

an assortment of candy.

I will also be cross stitching while I munch and take in some quality cinema featuring hottie Dennis Quaid.

All of this causes me to ask, yet again:

How OLD am I?!??

Seriously, let's recap and look at the appropriate ages for each item on the list:

Family friendly film: 35-45

Budweiser: 21

Candy: 7

Cross stitch: 83

Swooning over Dennis Quaid: I'm not sure what age group this is, but I'm gonna venture and guess 44+

I guess that all averages out to my late-twenties age, right? And this is the time of life where we all figure out our identities, right? Except for those people with spouses and kids.*

Which reminds me, while I was at the gas station tonight (buying my Skittles), the news anchors on the TV by the cashier were cheerfully sharing with us that single people are 60 percent more likely to suffer from a heart attack. Um...thanks for this non-helpful statistic?

*Yes, I love to stereotype and think that people in that group don't suffer the kind of identity crises as the rest of us stuck in Dating Ville. I'm sure they go through identity issues, but I've gotta say they are vastly different of those of the Singletons. (There are several married-with-kids people in this world who I love dearly. I'm just saying our lives are different.)

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