Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is your excuse...for not going to sleep?

Jerry Seinfeld talked in one of his stand-up routines about the forefinger being the last part of the human body to fall asleep at night, because we insist on sitting in front of the TV and changing the channel even when we are exhausted.

I think of that on many occasions when I stay up after my energy reserves are shot, a habit I have 98 percent of the time.

On that note, ZZZZZ. After I watch a few more YouTube videos and brush my teeth. And clear all this stuff off my bed.


  1. you still put stuff on your bed...?

    1. hahaha. nick, of COURSE i do!

      i still remember that time you came to visit in KC, and you saw the half of my bedroom that was sort of clean and your reaction was like, "hmm, not bad" and then you saw the other twin bed in the room with stuff all over it and you said, "bailey!"