Sunday, June 1, 2014

The simplicity of Skype (minus the technical difficulties)

When I answered the video call on Skype this afternoon/evening, my niece was eating apple slices.


She sang a song to me using her hands for motions. She sang it to me in English and in what she called "Spanish."

She asked me if I've been to worship. I told her yes, and that I went this morning.

She told me some jokes that didn't make a lot of sense (why the snowman melted in the water due to being eaten by a shark, I don't know...I would have guessed that the water melted him).

She and her parents sang the Doc McStuffins theme song to me -- it's catchy! Her little brother accompanied in his own way.

We showed each other the balloons we received for our birthdays. (We're a mere 6 days and 25 years apart).

And she told me that she's no longer afraid of thunderstorms, now that she knows the storms are talking to her. Though last night's storm scared her a little bit. And in her defense, her parents told me it was so intense that it set off their home security alarm.

I told her we don't really have thunderstorms where I live.

Our conversations are simple, but they brighten my life. I called my bro tonight on a whim and when I asked if he wanted to Skype it was only a short time before he said "See you in a few." Grateful for a last minute "heart call." Grateful when room is made for Auntie Bailey, who can sometimes use a pick me up.

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