Friday, September 26, 2014

Life Update

Let's do some life updates, shall we?

Why are we doing life updates?

Well, because Bailey Kathleen wants to write, but she kind of just wants to do a little journal spew thing where she tells you about the cat and the book(s) she's reading, etc.

Sound good?



I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow! With friends Rosie, Courtney, Carlos, and Joanna. Should be a fun group.

I bought myself this blingtastic necklace, and let's just say the pendant is a little larger (like 3 times, at least) than I expected, making it quite blingtastic.

I will wear it with pride.


He is lying sweetly right now, with his head on one paw -- SO CUTE -- and kind of giving me grumpy/sad eyes that say, "Why aren't you doting on me?" but Bro, I was just over there and loved on you and you up and moved yourself, so I'm not quite sure you want my love right this second. Per your body language. Just saying. Love, Mom.


Darius Rucker is singing one of his new country tunes on my Pandora shuffle station. I love ya, Hootie, but I think we're gonna skip this track.

Excuse me. Be right back.


I am reading "Harriet the Spy" and quite enjoying it. I've laughed out loud a time or two.

Officially halfway through this list. Concluding "Harriet" will get me up to 51 of 100 books read. Holla. Harriet. Harriet holla.

However, one of the running jokes in the book is that Harriet's friend Janie is always working in her at-home lab attempting to make explosives. The book was published in the 1960s. I don't think this kind of content would fly by a publisher's eye today... I say this is both good and bad. Totally horrible that we have so much violence today -- both in general and in schools. Good, however, that literature is (hopefully) adjusting to this fact and curbing or tailoring its discussion of violence in a way that is clear and healthy for youth.


I just won a cross stitch kit I bid on on eBay. Yay! There is more to the story about the particular kit I bid on, but frankly I'm feeling too lazy to tell that entire story right now. But it involves Disney, I can tell you that.


Annnnd, just got an email update (because I don't text) that my out of town friends will be here within three hours, so I gotta get out of this bed and get to cleaning my apartment, yeeps! And cleaning myself (shower needed).

Loves to you, my readers! Have a wonderful weekend, and try and get something Disney in there, because Disney stuff is fun and great! Here's a song to kick things off for ya!*:

*Fun/weird fact. I like to put sunscreen on while listening to this song. I don't know if it's some subconscious, reminds-me-of-Africa thing, or what. But there ya have it.


  1. You should use coconut oil as a natural alternative to conventional sunscreen.