Thursday, September 25, 2014

Problem/Not a problem

The cat is very snuggly in the mornings. This is a problem/not a problem.

It's so refreshing and reassuring and, ahh, just lovely! when I wake up and realize he's been nestled by my head for a while already before I had even opened my eyes.

I mean, really -- how sweet? He's waiting for me in the mornings.

I understand this happens in romantic relationships (between two humans) sometimes, with someone admiring the other sleeping beauty or beast, but, um, I'm not in one of those (nor am I living inside a romantic comedy). Sooooo, I just admire my beautiful giant friendly beast and reach over to touch his soft, soft, fuzzy wuzzy self after slapping the Snooze button again.

I think he turns on his inner snuggle machine after I've hit the Snooze approximately seven or eight times. By then he starts to think, "You know what, I think she may be closer to being awake and thus available for petting and feeding." And then, really, the snuggle machine is kind of in overdrive.

I'm not complaining.

The only thing I [might] complain about is how @#&$! difficult it is to get out of bed when he's like that.

I mean.

I mean.

The snuggling, and the head butting, and the CUTENESS!!!!!


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