Saturday, November 29, 2014

Can't sleep and can't get coffee (read on to find out why) so I'm typing this -- Lucky for YOU

Can't sleep.

Finally put the coffee on around 4:30.

It's 4:44 now.

I set up my cross stitch while the coffee was brewing, and the cat came and put himself on both my cross stitch and my legs. So I am pinned (by, arguably, one of the better things to be pinned) and can neither cross stitch nor gather coffee, so I might as well blog, yes?

Anyone else having stressful dreams? Anyone else ever found a correlation between vitamin B12 and stressful dreams? I have no idea if the correlation holds water, but I don't know what else could be causing such consistently anxious dream topics. I am stressed, I think, and have been grinding my teeth during the daytime, but never before in my life do I recall waking up several nights a week from a dream so vividly stressful or scary that I believe my body is waking itself up to escape the dream.

So on that positive note.

Maybe time for a gratitude list, eh?

Grateful for...

1. The kitty putting weight upon my legs this moment
2. Some great books I'm reading -- at least two are fighting for my attention of late
3. Making progress on my reading list of 100 kids books
4. Allergy medicine
5. A pet who does not require the outdoors for his bathroom activities, and
6. A climate which would not freeze my arse off should I need to take my pet outdoors for his bathroom activities
7. A brother who has been a mentor to me, who turns 35 today
8. Mizzou win! Headed to the SEC championship!
9. Made some new friends yesterday
10. Hair is getting longer. Excited by this.

So I've watched two Charlie Brown holiday films, two Home Alone movies, and the Muppet Christmas Carol thus far this season. Still need to watch Miracle on 34th Street, The Holiday, THE SANTA CLAUSE, (Whoops, how'd the Caps Lock get on for that entry? Oh wait I meant to highlight it because it's GREAT), The Family Stone, and of course:

The Julie Andrews/John Denver Christmas Special.


This blog post is thrilling, if I do say so myself. If I were reading it, I would recommend this blog to a friend.

"Bookmark it," I would say, because I live in a flip phone world where people still bookmark things on their computers.

I'm not gonna lie, Guys, I want some coffee.

Oh, but the kitty widdy baby has now laid his head down, and he's extra cozy and fuzzy and happy and precious HOW COULD I EVER INTERRUPT HIM?!?!

Have you heard about all the research of a weight atop a person or animal calming anxiety in both species? It's true, and I think that's fascinating. I truly love the weight of Max on my legs right now. One of my top feelings in life is to have a cat atop me.

Kitties. Kitties kitties kitties.

So I didn't go shopping for Black Friday. I never do, except maybe to grab a Starbucks drinkie.

I did go to a bar to watch the Mizzou game and made myself some new friends.

So maybe I did go "shopping" for a burger and fries, and some beers?

I didn't have to get to the bar at midnight, so that was appreciated on my part. In fact I didn't show up until almost halftime, which was probably a good life choice because we actually decided to pull out a win in the second half, whereas when I arrived the score was 3 to 14, with us claiming the "3."

OK. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with the cat (though it will break my heart, I may stealthily slither my legs out from underneath him), but I have decided to stop typing for a bit.

Yay, it's 5:04! Getting closer to other people being awake! So I can clean my apartment and not have a neighbor pound on the door to ask my why in the world am I stomping around, dancing to Justin Bieber's Christmas album, washing dishes and carrying on?


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