Thursday, November 27, 2014

This is what the 20-something Thanksgiving looks like

Full disclosure: I am severely lacking in calories in my body and feel a little bit sickly and if I don't eat soon this could look like depression and a headache.


I started my day in bed with the cat. Smooched on him a lot.

Then got up and put the coffee on.


Shaved the leggies.

Poured coffee, naked.

Danced to Tegan and Sara a little.

Put on jeans and a bra.

(Getting dressed in stages).

Added whipped cream to the coffee.

(Dressing the coffee in stages, too).

Danced to Tegan and Sara some more.

Drank some coffee.

Added some whip.

Still dancing as I type this.


EAT. Not TG food, but eggs or something, so I don't get depressed or sickly or in need of Advil.

Then to meet my friend Scott, to hang out at the beach and watch Christmas movies.

Then to my friend Abby's home for din din.

Then, presumably, in the car to rock out to Julie Andrews Christmas music.

Then back home to smooch on the cat.

Xoxox Be safe out there, y'all. I'll soak up the sun for those of you in cold places.....

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