Monday, February 9, 2015

Notes, moods

I am hyper beyond hyper today.

Not in a good way. As a hilarious coworker of mine says, I need to be peeled off the ceiling. She's all keyed up today, too, and we joked about the image of us outside climbing trees to wear off our energy and anxiety.

This imagined tree climbing involved the petting of parrots, too, in case you're interested.

I hate feeling this way. More and more these days, thank God, I feel even keel, but sometimes I have a venti coffee and...yeeps.

I used to go back and forth -- and I probably still will -- between wondering which thing is worse: anxiety or depression. I feel like anxiety can be more persistent, but depression is more powerful and nearly impossible to shake.

It's kind of like deciding which is worse: being too hot or too cold (answer: being too hot is far superior, hence the living in California thing).

["Joey said 'hence.'"]


My friend Laura is in town, and I'm super excited. We reunited last year at this same time, after nearly seven years apart. We met in Vegas and picked up right where we left off.

Prior to my trip, some people asked me, "Won't that be a little awkward, after all that time?"

Answer: no.

This year we're going to California Adventure (part of the Disneyland resort), then to the Grand Canyon next weekend, by way of Vegas.

Sushi's on the menu for dinner tonight, and I might show her a cliche area of LA, like Hollywood or Santa Monica.

It sounds like we're dating. :)


Afternoon update: no longer hyper. Now I've got that bloodshot eye, super tired, want coffee but think it will make me anxious thing going on.


The people who read this blog must really enjoy riding out my mood swings with me, because I feel like that accounts for about 65% of the content. A remaining 25% is about the cat. So maybe all my readers are just moody cat lovers?


I'm planning out several tunes for our Grand Canyon road trip. So far I'm thinking: Celine (duh), Tegan and Sara, Taylor, Rachael Yamagata, Sara Bareilles.

I could add in some male voices, but Laura and I love to sing along, so it's nice to have female singers at hand, ya know?

In fact, my CDs are divided by several categories, including male and female voices. The females have their own book -- quite a few lady crooners in my collection. Because female singers are great!

And yes I still buy CDs.


Max cat was a little chirperton this morning! I think he's excited by another person in our space. I yuv him so much.


OK I'll leave y'all alone now. Smooches!

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