Saturday, February 14, 2015

Things I didn't plan

Two months ago I had no idea.

I went to church (I think), then to Rite Aid where I bought things for the White Elephant gift exchange to be held at work the next day.

I was tired and not feeling well, so I spent the afternoon being lazy.

The next day, December 15, I attended the gift exchange. I sang karaoke -- something I didn't see coming. I got overly, vocally excited about karaoke that was about to happen at the office (because really, how often does that happen??), and then our HR director called me to the front of the conference room to participate.

"I'm being harassed by the HR director!" I yelled.

I sheepishly made my way to the front, sporting my Santa apron -- because duh.

I started singing with one of my coworkers, who's a professionally trained singer. That lasted for about a bar.

And then I took the microphone out of her hands.

I sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." I sang "My Favorite Things," which I'm not sure why it's considered a Christmas song, but I love it so I enjoyed the excuse to sing it. Also that was terrible grammar in that last sentence, but I'm leaving it.

The karaoke was unexpected. And it was fun.

That night I had a date. It wasn't blind, as I had met the guy -- and as he will tell you, I eyed him across the dance floor in a not-so-subtle way on the night we (officially) met (re: the "officially" -- another story).

I knew he was fun. I knew he could dance. He asked me out, which I appreciate, so I agreed to grab a drink.

But I had no idea.

After my karaoke session, I went home and changed out of my Santa apron and put on a sweater dress and some boots.

I tweeted something about wanting to stay home with the cat -- I had a headache, and I've been on a lot of meh dates -- and mentioned that this was why I was still alone.

I kissed the cat goodbye.

And around 7:15, my dancing pal walked into the bar. Around 7:18, he asked if he could buy me a drink.

By 7:30, he had probably asked me 10 questions about myself.

And by 10:30, I was like, "Who is this guy?!"

Here's to unexpected things.

Though his Valentine's gift to me is a t-shirt that reads, "My cat is my valentine" (because "It's true," he says), I assured him that he's my valentine.

Last night he told me our two months of dating feels more like six months to him. I love that.

I feel like I've known him for a long time.

Two months ago I had no idea.

I'm glad I grabbed the karaoke microphone. And I'm so glad I went out for that drink.

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