Thursday, November 17, 2016

The schedule of a madwoman (me)

Dearest Friends,
If you're wondering why this extroverted social butterfly who loves to over schedule
[especially during October/November/December],
it's because of what I will list below.
This weekend has so many potential activities that I had to write them all down, so that I can pick them apart and decide which ones to actually attend, and insert time to breathe.
Ready? Here it is:
Weekend plans/possibilities:


8 pm – Drinks for A’s birthday


3:30 pm – A’s sketch show
6 pm – K’s Franksgiving
6:30 – Pie fundraiser, R’s church
7 pm – bowling for A’s birthday
7:30 – C’s birthday party


All day – Disneyland w/ J, J, V, & A
10:15 – help with prayers at church
12:30 – young adult Friendsgiving
8 – S's album release party
9:30 – karaoke with M, J, and maybe A
Are you still with me, or did you pass out from sympathy stress sometime around Saturday?
This coming weekend comes on the heels of a weekend spent driving five hours north, completing a half marathon, catching up with friends, and driving five hours south.
This coming weekend will be followed by: a Monday lunch meeting, a three day work week (with an important twice-a-year deadline and a large meeting all included, no charge), a freelance interview accompanied by an hour drive each way, Christmas-movie-watching with friends, a 5K, possibly hosting someone for Thanksgiving, and, OH YEAH, Thanksgiving itself.
And did I mention I have a (different) freelance piece due in December, and an application for graduate school due in December? And, OH YEAH, Christmas?????????
I have problems. And I probably need someone to slap me when I say, "Sure! I'll join you for/help you with that."
Friends, do me a favor, K? Breathe. Don't over schedule. Schedule time to smooch your pet. To read. To spend enough time at home so that your laundry pile does not equal laundry MOUNTAIN and so you can actually use your kitchen to, ya know, cook once in a while.
XOXO (and don't be offended when I can't squeeze in plans with you), 


  1. Skip Disney on Sunday. That's my suggestion.

  2. And only attend ONE bday event on Saturday. Does "A" stand for Abby or Alex?

    1. Neither, actually. Different friend. (I'm planning to attend nothing tonight or tomorrow).