Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Votes for Love.

I was going to post a picture of my "Votes for Women" mug, but the words wrap too tightly around the cup, and I'm not coordinated enough with the iPhone panoramic to make it happen.
But I am drinking out of it.
I am drinking Starbucks Christmas blend, because this is America and I can drink Christmas coffee in November and I can drink Starbucks instead of Coffee Bean or Peet's or Caribou (though I love Caribou, they just don't have it in LA, sadly).

Like many of you, I'm walking with much trepidation today.

My vote is not filled with pride, or excitement, or great expectations.

My vote is laced with fear, and sadness.

I've seen more hate in our nation this year than maybe ever before in my lifetime. I've seen misogyny that I had hoped would be stamped out by now. I knew the embers were still burning, but I didn't realize how hot they still were.


Alex and I watched the Bills game last night, and a pretty questionable call just before the half essentially screwed Buffalo from a win in the end.

It was a stressful night for us both, for various reasons, and we both wished Alex's team had won. We walked from the pub, lacking exuberance.

But as I sat there during the game, wanting to chew my fingernails and crumple myself tight like a ball atop my bar stool, I kept telling myself: Bailey, your holding your breath isn't going to turn the next pass into a touchdown.

So I set my breath free from my lungs, and rubbed Alex's back and smooched his soft cheek as the game progressed.


Today all I can do is vote, and pray.

I can hold my breath. I can spend all day worrying. But it's not going to affect the outcome of this election.

So my plan is to vote. And to pray.

To smooch the cat. To eat lunch. To hug the people I love.

And when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to keep on loving.

May we all fill our cups (that can't be photographed due to technical difficulties) with love. With hope. With prayer. With peace. We cannot be so divisive -- it's not helping anyone or anything. And it's wasting time -- and I know we Americans hate to waste time.

May we pour love into our cups, and sip with open ears and open hearts.

See you at the polls. And maybe at karaoke afterward.

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