Friday, February 3, 2017

Non-technology things I enjoy

List the things you like to do that don't involve technology
Cross stitch.
Enjoy beverages in the company of great people. Over coffee in someone's apartment, or over Bud Lights at a dive bar.
Pet and talk to cats, particularly mine.
Clean and organize.
Walk outside.
Read books to kids (particularly when they're snuggled in on my sides!!!!).
Read books to adults.
Public speaking -- sorta, kinda. Yeah, I like it.
Lift weights.
Go to church and church activities.
Ask and answer ice breaker-y questions. I can do that for hours.
Does the stove count as technology? Because I do enjoy cooking, when I actually do it.
I rarely do it, and I wouldn't say I actually love or even like it, but I feel great after I write in a paper journal for a bit.
Shoot pool.
Hosting. Refilling beverages, offering blankets to cold guests, explaining the menu. I love it.
Get my hair cut.
Have someone do my makeup.
Write notes and mail them.
Peruse the library. Discuss my literary haul with anyone will listen.
Talk about young adult books with Mom (this usually involves the phone, since she lives far away, but hey. We talk in person sometimes, too).
Lie by the pool. Jump in when it gets really hot, get out, dry completely in the sun, jump back in.
Window shop. Or actually shop.
Have someone braid or style my hair.
Get a mani-pedi.
Go to bed when I'm tired.
Wake up before everyone else.
Make friendship bracelets.
Groom. Take a quick shower, spray in some dry shampoo, clip my nails, throw on some mascara and perfume. Just that little bit of jump start helps me feel good and ready to go and take on the night, or whatever social meeting/gathering I have going on.
Being in a cabin. Refolding the contents of my suitcase, checking out the retreat schedule of events, chattering away with my cabin mates.
And of course, always, anywhere, talking to strangers. Makes me HIGH.
This list had way more on it than I thought. I guess I'm geared up for the next power outage! Ooh! Lighting candles! Another thing I love that's sans technology. :)

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