Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The best compliments and encouragement I've received

List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given
From SM: Something along the lines of: if we were all to reorganize our priorities in life, they would look a lot like Bailey's.
From CB: "Keep up that great writing!"
From AS: Told me I should apply to Iowa, even though it will throw a big hitch in his life if I get in.
From TB: "You have books in you."
From a Starbucks barista at an airport: Told me I look like Celine Dion. This is not at all true, but I his comment brought me some levity.
NH and DL: Said (looking at only one picture ever) I look like Claire Danes. (No one has ever compared me to her before or since).
DK & TB: Referring to one whole day in my life, when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. Each said I looked like Taylor Swift.
(And then BB and CR said I looked prettier than T. Swift (T. Swoon!))
RG: Said that me and my brother were some of the most adaptable youth she had ever encountered.
SH: In saying I should be with an older man, she explained that it was because while some of our friends found their strength and identity in their skin color or gender, "I don't know where your strength comes from," she said.
SS: Said that I could have worked a specific editing job, had I applied for it.
JD: Compared me to Anne Lamott
LBR: Compared me to Donald Miller
From Grams: When I was in high school, she thought it was so neat that I didn't have a mirror in my bedroom. She was really proud of me for not being overly focused on my looks.
And finally, from Office Max the cat: When I first went to see him at the shelter, he was in a box on top of a filing cabinet. He looked me over warily, and wouldn't come out of the box to say Hi. I was moments away from moving on to another room, to look at other cats, and then he came out of the box. That was one of the best compliments I've ever received: Max, the greatest cat on earth, deciding that I was worthy of coming out of the box for. Love him SO MUCH and couldn't be happier with his decision.
(Do you like how Max makes an appearance on every one of these lists???)

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