Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What I found in my desk drawer

I came home from work today and told myself I was going to get some cleaning done.

So far I've thrown away a pizza crust and two beyond-ripe bananas.

I also took everything out of my desk drawer, with the intention of organizing it and putting it all back, but instead I inventoried it for you here.

You're welcome.

Here's what I found:

  • Notes from my grandmothers, in their different but equally neat variations of cursive 
  • A freelance paystub
  • An Android car phone charger
  • an iPod shuffle charger
  • a hair tie
  • a camera battery
  • three hair clips, of various sizes, materials, and colors
  • a plug for something (DVD player?)
  • the key to my first car (which I no longer have)
  • a CVS card
  • a Sweet Violet tinted lip balm
  • two more cigarette lighter car chargers for who-knows-what
  • index cards, small, unlined
  • index cards, large, lined
  • a cloth bag, holding 4 pairs of headphones
  • an all-purpose kerchief/headband thing
  • "Finger Lights," which will come in handy at my next rave
  • a ponytail (literally, my hair, from a haircut last year; I still need to drop it in the mail to donate it)
  • an Eva Cassidy CD
  • my passport, with me pictured inside, looking FIERCE
  • a Brandi Carlile CD in a Rachael Yamagata case
  • colored pencils and a sharpener
  • a trail map
  • a snowman gift bag
  • a plantar fasciitis foot band
  • a camera battery charger
  • Max's laser pointer
  • another iPod shuffle charger
  • pink duct tape
  • expired car insurance cards
  • post it notes, neon green, from MLK Day at my undergrad university
  • savings bonds (SCORE!)
  • 6 bottle caps
  • a blank postcard
  • a blank card, with a cow on it, that says "Moochas Gracias!", circa middle school
  • an expired freelance check
  • 2 bank deposit slips
  • Carnival cruise stationery
  • 5 business cards
  • sunglasses
  • half of a pheromone diffuser (it's a cat owner thing)
  • a boarding pass from Buffalo to LA
  • two birthday cards
  • scissors
  • a Target receipt
  • a clothes pin
  • one of those red/yellow/white cords that hooks up your sound from your DVD player to your TV
  • a wine corker/stopper
  • an eraser
  • a medical receipt of some kind
  • $1.56 in change
  • two nails
  • the nuts and bolts that hold my bed frame together (I'm in my second of what is to be at least three homes this year, so my mattress and box frame are currently just hanging out on the floor, thank you very much)
  • my car's cigarette lighter (which is currently and always occupied by a phone charger)
  • a full pack of Trident spearmint gum
  • a spare key to my current car
  • 3 rubberbands -- two nude, one blue
  • a Petco receipt
  • 3 magnets
  • another blank card, with a cow on it, that does not say "Moochas Gracias!" (also circa middle school)
  • a note from Dad, on a pale, blue-green index card
  • a camera memory card, with pictures from Catalina and Mexico and siblings on the beach and Max, sitting upright like a human on the couch
  • a health insurance explanation of benefits
  • 4 safety pins
  • a paperclip
  • an Aero Squadron receipt
  • an index card with a drawing of a bird and a sun on it (who drew it, I don't know)
  • my (expired) Disney annual passport paperwork
  • a notebook, with record of past trips to the gas station (yes, my family is weird and we keep these in our cars)
  • a ribbon from Mrs. Beasley's bakery (we got a gift basket at work, and I kept the ribbon because Mrs. Beasley is a childhood nickname of mine. I gave it to my mom and sure enough she wrapped a gift in it, returning it to my care.)
  • two nail polish remover pads
  • a packing/things-to-do list from an April travel trip
  • eyeglass cleaning cloths -- pink, black, grey, and blue (I can't get an exact count, because Max is sleeping on them, but I think there are at least six of them)

Sooooooo, I think I've come to a place where I'm OK with myself if I don't really do any or much cleaning tonight. I don't know why, but I like to inventory things. Maybe it's because I'm self-involved. Anyone? Got any insight? What's in your desk drawer? I urge you to look -- those things can hold a LOT -- and you might just find some un-cashed savings bonds, or the handwriting of someone precious. 

Bails and Max

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