Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beware of Blindfolds

Today we did a coffee tasting at work. It was a comparison of two coffees, and it was a blind taste test. So we tasted each, made our comments. Then our meeting facilitator said, "Now what is it we've been tasting?"

To which Marcus, without missing a beat, answered in a completely natural voice, "If it's poop, I'm leaving."

Now my brother Riley claims that "if you've lost bathroom humor, you've lost everything," and I ordinarily strongly beg to differ, but I have laughed out loud at Marcus' remark multiple times since our meeting today. I was in a bathroom stall (ironically) at the gym and had to control my laughter lest the other worker-outers might think that I found my stream of pee, or something equally embarrassing and inappropriate, to be particularly amusing. Then in the shower, rinsing the chlorine out of my hair after my swim, I thought of it again and cracked up there. Love it. Congratulations, Marcus. You've broken my code of joking ethics for the day.

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