Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Guys, I am going to make myself diabetic. I eat sugary, sugary, sugary pastries every morning at work. I come home from work, understandably hungry, and you know what I eat? Chocolate. Or ice cream. Today I went for the double whammy and had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Ahh, you see what I did there? Chocolate in the ice cream. Ridiculous.

Every day I think that I don't need it, that this is just a craving that will pass. I think in reality it is more of a habit than a true craving. I really love vegetables and healthy food, milk! Oh I love milk. Tomatoes, beets, weird stuff. But I always grab for the sugar. This needs to stop.

There should be police officers installed at my job, big burly guys sitting in the armchairs, posing as customers, enjoying their own pastries, and when I reach for that scone with icing heaped on top (oh, the pumpkin scone, my favorite, how I will miss you) these guys are behind the counter: Hi Yah! Stiff arm me, throw me over their shoulder, and put a hard boiled egg and oatmeal in front of me, three of them around the table staring me down waiting for me to eat my breakfast like a good girl.

I'm not a calorie counter, and I love to exercise, it's just that I am the laziest person ever otherwise, and I don't care who you are, it is not good for your body to have sugar pumped into it at an intravenous rate.

Sigh...Who's with me here? Anyone want to band together, and add some years to our lives by ensuring that we do not contract diabetes in our adulthood? I have people coming over in an hour, I'm going to search for something sans sugar before they get here...

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  1. I was hoping we were going to band together and cut a few years off of our lives and eat more sugar...