Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just recently have fallen in love with Craig Ferguson. And just recently my dear Craigie Smoochie Poo celebrated the taping of his 1,000th show, so there have been many references to said show as of late.

I have been feeling a little (or as Craig would say, in his precious Scottish way, "li-le," never fully pronouncing the letter "T") sad that I have missed 1,000 episodes.

I just realized, however, in the 30 minutes I just spent in front of youtube, that I have the joy of catching up on 1,000 episodes. So I can watch hours (1,000 hours, to be exact) of Craig, and not have to feel the need to justify my actions, because I really can't say, "Oh I've seen this one before, I should go alphabetize the canned goods in the pantry instead." Nor can anyone pull that line on me! "C'mon, Bailey, you've seen every Craig episode there is, let's go play in the park." Because I can say, "Nuh-uh, I'm 1,000 hours behind! I have some serious work to do!" And that work would be giggling at my newfound Scottish crush.

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