Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was talking to my friend Tom on the phone tonight, and at one point in the conversation I paused. I didn't even realize that I had fallen silent until Tommy said "You're so quiet when you don't talk!"

I immediately quoted this back to him, followed by his name and today's date, in order for him to realize his comment's level of ridiculousness. He then explained that when I pause in a conversation, I simmer within it longer than others. I asked him, sarcastically/seriously, if it makes him uncomfortable, to which he more or less answered, "No," and just noted that it is unusual.

The point of this post was to make you laugh at the first part, not to end on the more ponderous note where it landed. However I suppose you could both laugh at the first part and then munch on the second part, food for thought.

But you can really do whatever you want with this blog post. You could print it out, put it on your bulletin board, shred it and make a urine-bed for your hamster's cage... It's up to you, I'm not here to tell you what to do (though Nick would argue that if I'm on vacation with you, then, as the Vacation Princess, I am here to tell you what to do).

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