Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bigger than basketball

Yesterday in the class I TA for, we had a guest lecturer talk about international reporting.

She pulled up the Newseum website, to look at some front pages of newspapers. She was trying to make the point that international news often gets overlooked and doesn't always make the front page. Her point was stifled a smidge--and ironically, also supported--by the fact that all the front pages had stories about the Kansas-Kentucky game. It was a skewed sample, you might say.

Because we are here at Mizzou, students were snickering at the fact that their (more or less former, now) rival had lost the championship game the night before and, to boot, it was all over the news.

It is times like these where some of us want to shout from the back of the classroom: "Moving on!"

Alas. Eventually we did move on, and talked about things bigger than basketball.

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