Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New babe babe in our midst!

This is a little late, because I've been on the road for

count 'em

3 days

(and because Las Vegas thinks it needs to charge hotel patrons for Internet usage...)


welcome to the world, Miss Caelyn!!!!! Congratulations to Corie and Cyle, new, already-awesome-I'm-sure parents!!!

The little booger wasn't quite ready to meet her Aunt Bailey and so decided to exit the womb after I left town (that's all right, girl, I get it--independence), so I'll have to wait until at least August to see her, but I'm so excited for Cor and Cyle and their new bundle. Love you all three!

And a happy birthday to her two birthday twins, my niecy face Annabelle who is 2 now (whoa) and to my cuz Michelle who is (25?). Holla to three great girls!

Aunt/Cousin Bailey

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