Monday, May 7, 2012

One's diet when she's moving out of her apartment

Like several of my friends right now, I am trying to pare down the food items in my kitchen before I move*.

This is proving to be rather difficult. Say you have a partially used onion in your fridge. Well you can't just eat that raw. So you find a recipe using onion. Then you realize you need other ingredients--rice, chicken breast, garlic. So you buy those things, you make your recipe.

You used up the onion, congrats, but now you have garlic, rice, and chicken in your possession.

Today I made coffee. I'm out of milk, but grew up eating dry cereal (not because my parents were mean--we liked eating it that way), so I decided to bust into my off brand Frosted Flakes, sans milk.


Moved on to off brand Lucky Charms.

Also stale.

So then I had some cookies. Later I cooked some carrots. I just polished off an orange sherbet push-pop, and more coffee is brewing.

The pistachios across the room look pretty good right now.

*to Cali! Holla!

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