Sunday, October 7, 2012

Phew! What a day!

So today was a pretty crazy full day.

First, I got to chat with this little munchkin on Skype:

(who used to look like this, by the way):

Second, I went to a Mizzou watch party with an alumni group here in L.A. We might've lost the game, but there was one pretty great interception-run-back-for-a-touchdown. And I made some new friends. Friends who like to watch football, I might add; something that is not all that big of a deal here in SoCal.

And finally, I went to a movie with an old college friend, met her friend who she brought with, and THEN, just as a little bonus, met someone who went to high school in the SAME DISTRICT as I did at a movie theatre in HOLLYWOOD.

Are you kidding me?! In huge L.A., I meet a guy who knows people I know??? From KANSAS??? WithOUT going to a pre-planned "people from Kansas" event, like the Mizzou alumni football-watching group?


Looked him up on Facebook. One of our mutual friends is one of my really good friends.

And to top it all off, my pals and I (minus our newest pal, who felt our movie choice was not one he would enjoy--boy did he miss out) saw a quite enjoyable flick. Did it push some offensive buttons? On occasion. But that aside, great flick:

And in case you're wondering, Yours Truly (aka Grandma) was out past midnight. I know. It surprised me too. Worth it.