Monday, October 22, 2012

That's me

The other night I was out with some grad school friends--and had a fantastic time, by the way--and below is a sampling of some of the ridiculous (although heartfelt) things I said while we were out.

Sample Conversation #1:

Danny: What's your all time favorite song?

Bailey: Mm, I don't think I really know...

Danny: What's your favorite Celine Dion song?

Bailey: Well, it's a tie between "A New Day has Come," "To Love you More," and "That's the Way it is," but "That's the Way it is" is really an anthem of mine, so if I had to choose, it'd probably be that one. But "To Love you More" is extremely beautiful, so...

Sample Conversation #2:

Michael: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Bailey: Mm, I don't really know...

Danny: Who is your current celebrity crush?

Bailey: Ray Romano!


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