Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A little journal dump apres le dejeuner avec mon pere et ma mere

My lunch dates are late.

We will respect their anonymity and call them by the code names of "Mom" and "Dad."

It's fine. I found myself a perch. Starbucks. Inside Macy's.

And I just came up with a great term, which I used as a hashtag, and you can use it but y'all better give credit!


Caffeinational pull.

Get it? Like gravitational pull, except caffeinational because I'm so drawn to Starbucks, where the caffeine is?

However I'm drinking decaf.

However there is some caffeine in this, probably, because decaf is not always exactly what it advertises itself to be.

However, however.

Maybe it should be caffeitational instead of -national. Yep. Changing it! Actually I don't know. #waffling

I have also spent some of my time here at Starbucks emailing a grad school friend to see if she could sneak away from her office that is somewhere right here in the neighborhood of downtown Chicago to get some coffee with me later. Alas she cannot, but I told her that if we can't manage to get together this trip then we can Skype when I'm back home and we can pretend we're both in the same room in Chicago together.

What else can I tell you?

Last night I had a sleepover with my friend Michelle, and we shared her twin bed as our sleeping quarters. That was snug. We found that a foot-to-head lying position was the better way to ensure not falling off of the bed.

After we agreed to have our feet near each others' heads and that we were OK with this.

I couldn't sleep right away, so I took my blanket and my teen novel into the bathroom to read for a bit.

The book is about the weather freaking out all over the planet, and it was raining outside (yay!) in real life while I was reading, which was making the book more realistic.

I read a lot of children's books and occasional young adult ones, but I never really thought I'd be reading a teen novel about the moon getting hit by an asteroid and crazy weather patterns following, and me enjoying this and actually feeling frightened by it. And having to remind myself that the rain outside is not in fact the result of an asteroid.

Guys, I feel like this writing that I'm doing right here is lazy. My apologies.

I know, I know, I shouldn't discredit my work, but I feel like I am just kind of journaling right now, sooo I wouldn't edit my journal, necessarily, so yeah. Anyway.

I hope everyone's enjoying reading this.

I spritzed on a sample of "Happy in Bloom" at the Clinique counter and mmmmm. Might have to buy some of this.

I thought about buying socks because my socks and shoes are currently damp-thus-chilly, but I've changed my mind on that for the moment.

I could keep journal dumping, but I'm not sure you will appreciate it much longer (if I'm wrong, speak up -- let the readers speak! Because I can do this more often in this forum if you'd like), so I'ma head and maybe read about crazy weather as a result of an asteroid hitting the moon in a book but luckily not in real life.

A bientot, mes amis!

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