Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's been real, C-Town

It's time to quit while I'm ahead.

Vacation has been great. A little annoying that there was some work to be done while here, but even those little snippets of freelance were liberating and energizing in their own way.

But I've gotta go. Flight leaves around 6.

I've squeezed in a concert, several dates with some besties, a surprise of three family members, lots of sandwiches, some reading, some blogging, some snuggling, some catching up on love lives, a pedicure, some beer, some (cough) whiskey, some showers, some alone time, music, donuts, hugs, getting soaked through with rain and then changing clothes in a Union Station bathroom.

I've done a lot.

Moments ago I had to get up from this keyboard and dry my hair, put on socks and a fleece jacket. Because I was chilly.

I have to say I could live without that. I like to blog uninterrupted by temperature issues that need adjustments.

I have so appreciated the rain, though.

And I don't hate Chicago anymore. I didn't always hate Chicago, but then I did, and when I visited last year I warmed to it (in LARGE part because it literally warmed itself to me, being August instead of January while I was in town), and now I think I officially don't hate it anymore.

But grey skies still make me depressed, in an instant, hit-the-gut way that I can't explain or escape from. So for now it is back to sunny skies for me.

Back to Max Attack the cat. Back to my cross stitching evenings, my sandwiches made in the office break room for lunch, my California family-friends.

I told Nick today that I'm legitimately looking forward to greeting at church this weekend, to see the team who I volunteer with, wearing our stylish blue "Welcome" shirts.

But I am sad to leave behind my pals here, and I could easily spend another day or three here. But best to quit before I get cranky. Get back to work and make a few more bucks so I can come home at Christmas.

For now I must bid you adieu and shove some more things in my suitcase. Maybe sneak in a little at-home manicure before my ride arrives at 2.

Much love, to my peeps in the Midwest and the West. And to you, wherever you are.   -- Bails


  1. It was WEIRD being in your apartment without you there...

    And I must ask... did I coin your nickname "Bails"? I MUST KNOW.

    1. we need to hang out here again with both of us in the apartment. :)

      ppl have been calling me bails for a long time, however it is one of my FAVE things to be called.