Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some things about my life at this exact moment in time

...Since you asked.

I'm in Chicago. I am cold. I am wearing Christmas socks to fight the cold, because my weekend roommates are out and I am not sure if I am allowed to turn on the heat. Also wearing a hot pink hoodie over a green sweater, with a multicolored scarf which actually brings the green and pink layer combo all together.

If you ask me.

I'm eating turkey sausage that I found in the fridge. Don't tell Nick (one of weekend roommates who is out), but it's not that great.

The lactose-free milk, however, is tasty.

I have already partially cleaned the toilet in the bathroom. Considering cleaning other parts of the bathroom (including the rest of the toilet (I am too lazy to explain why I didn't just clean the whole thing in the first place, and part of that explanation is in fact that, you guessed it, I am lazy)).

Housewife in training.

I am dogsitting for a couple of hours, and the dog has given up on me and is snoozing in the next room. He's on to this cat person in here, wearing a green sweater with a hot pink sweatshirt layer on top.

My dad ran his TENTH marathon today. (He's 65). Um, holla at my papa, y'all.

I did not run my tenth, nor my first, nor any number in between 1 and 10 or after 10(th), marathon today. But my injured foot hurts from all the walking and standing. But worth it to cheer on Daddy Dearest.

I am having a hard time switching my tunes away from Rachael Yamagata. She makes this great cat kind of noise in some of her songs (also too lazy to explain this right now) and it's, well, great. We saw her in concert Friday and she was soooooooo goooddddddd! I'm planning to preorder her next album soon...

A new found (I always want that to be one word: "newfound") friend here in Chi-town gave me a book. It's a teen novel about when an asteroid hits the moon. Surprisingly, I'm not hating it. And I forgot my books in LA and selected not to purchase one at the airport, so I am happy for the loan.

In addition to potentially cleaning the bathroom, I am also planning to potentially take a bath.

I am not working on something I should probably be working on.

I am listening to Rachael Yamagata since my roomies aren't here to complain (though one of them went to the concert with me and also loved it, I think he just wants to mix things up a bit here. Me? I'm in obsession mode).

I also might watch Felicity. Don't you love how in a two hour window you can put -- and I'm just guesstimating here -- approximately 8,000 potential activities?

Time to tackle one -- or none -- of them.

Oh! It's supposed to rain the rest of my time here! LA girl says yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

And!!!!!! ß That was maybe too many exclamation points for what I am about to tell you, but actually maybe not. Because what I am about to tell you is.....

today some chick had one of those plastic jack-o-lantern buckets that kids carry at Halloween and she put it in a recycling bin right before me and

you best believe

I snagged that sucker.

I'm a child.

Wearing Christmas socks.

And hot pink.

And green.

And I'm still -- and for life -- a cat person.

And Nick and I took this adorable (I can say that because really there's no denyin') selfie today. This is us drinking beer after not running 26.2 miles (though, shh, don't let this get around, I think I probably will run such a distance at some point....foot permitting).

I just needed to get all that out, Guys. Thanks for letting me journal dump on you again. Greetings from (temporarily) the Midwest. Xo


  1. Cute picture! And entertaining read too, Miss Bucket ☺️

    1. thanks, sug!!! hoping to get over to CO in 2015!!!! realllllly hoping we can reunite and take a cute pic of our own!