Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm tired and therefore rambling (you've been warned)

Raise your hand if you're tired!

No? Just me?

Who am I kidding, of course we're all tired, it's summer! Summer's always crazy busy and you're just hopped up on sunshine if you don't think you're exhausted.

OK maybe now I'm projecting. Freud would have something to say about me.


I should know this, what with my BA in Psych.



My bangs, which were the "straight across" tapered variety, are getting a little longer, and can do a sort-of-but-not-quite side sweep thing now.


So I'm moving. I have one foot -- more like one and three quarters feet -- in the new apartment and the other foot -- or, let's say three toes -- in the old place.

It's tiring.

Hence the fatigue mention that opened this post.

All my extra time and umpfh* has been going to gathering stuff from Place #1, driving it to Place #2, and organizing it as best my Martha Stewart energies can allow.

*Technical term.


It just occurred to me that "Alvin and the Chipmunks" is kind of a misnomer.

Because Alvin, too, is a chipmunk, is he not?

And doesn't the title kind of imply he's his own thing?

I mean, if I started a girl band, I wouldn't call it "Bailey and the Girls" (besides the fact that it's just not that great of a name). Because, I, too, am a girl. Woman. Whatever.

Cue Britney Spears.

Fun fact: there is a musical group called "Baillie and the Boys." Which is like me and my brothers, in name.


So, back to the Martha Stewart energies I was talking about:

I feel very strange.

I'm working in overdrive in all aspects of my life right now.

And just in case you don't believe me, let me tell you this little fun fact:

My CAR is not full of junk right now.


Last night I sorted through my bathroom supplies like an anal retentive person would (I think I'm anal expulsive, which is why this is significant). Admittedly I left a lot of the stuff on my bedroom floor, because I could feel myself getting sad as a result of the overwhelming project of organizing my new bathroom, and when I get sad over stuff like that I know it's time to go to bed, which is what I did.

But not before I finished John Green's "An Abundance of Katherines," which I enjoyed abundantly.

So my car is "clean," my bathroom is getting hyper organized as is my closet, and I'm tackling detailed things at the office right and left.

So. What is happening to me?

I give it a few weeks and then I'll be back to my slobbish ways.

But maybe not. Because I am turning over a new leaf!

OK. I'm tired. I need Diet Coke.

Or unsweetened iced tea -- which rids the aspartame from my diet but not the caffeine. So it's like a partial leaf turnover.

Changing Me

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