Saturday, June 20, 2015

(Not) sleepyhead

3 a.m. blogging, yay!

Oh wait. 3:27. 

Pre-race jitters? Maybe. 

Allergies? A little bit (was the cat snuggle worth it? Yep).

3:43. Got distracted. 

I don't feel the least bit tired. 

Maybe this lack of sleep tonight will help me crash out on Saturday night, so I'm not up worrying about the race the night before I melt in the heat and in my despair of being the slowest "runner" on the course? 


I finally met some very special bloggers last night!!!, who were not put off by my gross public seeking them out, thank goodness.

We had ice cream and Mexican food, we wandered Barnes & Noble. I bought a book they suggested, after a somewhat comical moment in which we were all oohing and ahhing about two books with the same title but by different authors, so we thought we were all oohing about the same book but then it turned out we were not.*

*I might have otherwise pressured them to buy the book I was ahhing about, but to my knowledge it is sadly out of print.  

We talked about life and books and writing just like I hoped we would. 

They are lovely ladies, and I will plug their blogs here for you: 

World, meet Hilary and Jill


So what have I been doing since 2, when I stopped sleeping, you (didn't) ask?

Well I watched some "Bunheads." Finished episode 10, which had a pretty smart/wrenching ending, that in a weird (but romantic) way made me think and feel all swoony about my Alex. 

It doesn't generally take much to make me feel swoony about my Alex. I just have to see a romantic couple on TV or, you know, think about Alex. 

I want my new blogging buddies to watch "Bunheads." FYI, Girls. 

Is my sweet roommate awake yet so we can have coffee together and gush about our Friday nights out? 

I love my roomie, and having a roomie. Grateful for that feeling, as I dug my heels in about living alone for quite a while prior. 

Oooh, there is a bottle of untapped wine in the fridge...


If I decide to drink this wine, and to imbibe outside in the cool night air, do I need to put pants on? 

OK FINE. I'll either put pants on or imbibe inside or not at all. 

Watching the sunrise while drinking wine miiiiight make me feel like I have a problem, so maybe I will resist. 


OK, well I'll let y'all go. Hope you're sleeping. Or if you're on the East coast maybe enjoying your first swig of java. Here's to the weekend. Now go watch "Bunheads."

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