Monday, September 28, 2015

I want...

Chinese food.

I also want to hard boil some eggs.

A nap.

To rest my head on Max's purring belly.

To sort through papers and throw stuff AWAY.

To sit with my roommate and relive our housewarming party.

I want to feel excited every day to work on my book.

To write thank you notes to all the kind people who came to our housewarming party, several of whom arrived not-empty handed. We feel very loved and happy to have such generous, warm friends.

To watch more football with my baby. Lying on his couch with a belly full of Thai food yesterday, listening to those Midwestern sounds of childhood, struck a happy chord deep in my heart's core.

To make cucumber sandwiches for a tea party.

To build a house in Mexico.

I want to curl up and read, read, read Into the Wild. I've started it and it's fascinating. I also quite enjoyed Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air.

To turn on a movie and tie knots into a friendship bracelet, with Abs by my side to chat with.

To make tissue paper jar lanterns, to light up my tea light candles in.

To snuggle with my muffin (human muffin, Alex, not the cat muffin. But I love to snuggle with him, too).

To eat a Wendy's pulled pork slaw sandwich. Mmmmmm.

But first, Chinese food. Lo mein and cashew chicken.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

To watch a Disney cartoon with my niece and nephew.

To hold hands with Alex at Disneyland. To eat a sweet treat and buy a fun treasure in a store. Take our time enjoying the day.

I want to go to all the live music.

I want to visit dive bars throughout this crazy city.

I want to cuddle up in a blanket and look at the city at night.

I want to have lunch with my parents.

I want to play with Nick at the beach. And by play, I mean lay out, cool off in the water, talk, and buy popsicles from a vendor.

I want to blog until I am old, and then blog some more.

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