Friday, October 2, 2015

Personal Question

Can I ask you guys a personal question?


Would it be OK if I wrote a book here on the blog?

I started writing a book.

Another one.

Did I finish the first one? Beside the point, People.

I was talking to Alex last night about The Martian, because we got tickets to see the movie this weekend, and my brother raved about the book, and A. started to tell me about how the author, Andy Weir, initially wrote the book on his blog.

By the way, I didn't fact check this tidbit of juicy information, like a good journalist should, because I trust my boyfriend to accurately report facts and you should too.

(Except when he's telling you the story about how we met, or the infamous "milk wine" story. He gets some facts wrong in those stories, trust me).

So anyway. Alex told me about this Weir guy and it got me thinking.

I told A. that I don't have any grandiose visions of getting a movie contract and a sudden rush of blog fan followers, were I to "publish" a book on the Daily Bailey. I realize my readership could easily remain very much the same.

But I think it would hold me accountable. It would be a little weird, and a little awkward, to be like, "Hey, Guys! Here are three chapters!" and then fall off the face of the earth. To Mars. Like the Martian.

I feel like if I knew three people* were reading my three chapters, then maybe, just maybe, they might expect a fourth. And a fifth. And eventually, an ending.

*approximate guesstimated readership here at the DB.

And then, Voila! I'd have a book draft!

Also, perhaps I could get some feedback along the way. My Mighty Three Readers might request that my protagonist do X, or meet Y, or eat Z during her journey. And then maybe I'll think, "Hey, that's a good idea," and re-steer the story a little.

I don't know. I haven't made my mind up about this. But I'm just putting it out there.

Have I whetted your appetite at all? Are you curious what the book is about? Would you want to read a book here? Like a book club? A little bit at a time? No pressure, no strings attached?

Let me know. Gracias, Peeps.


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  2. I read an interesting bit yesterday on a blog of an author who has a fiercely loyal following. Posted therein he too made comment about not wanting a movie deal (which as of yesterday it appears he has gotten.) So you never know, B, you might have a loyal fan base eager to dive into your writings thus propelling you to reluctant stardom! And if you're interested in said post -

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