Friday, December 11, 2015

I broke 100! Plus a new way to subscribe to the Daily Bailey!

Hi All!

Just wanted to do a little song and dance because I realized that for the first time since 2012!, I have posted more than 100 posts in a year's time (using the Jan - Dec calendar).

So yay for that. Writing productivity is our friend, and I have you, audience, in no small part to thank for motivating me to keep my busy fingers typing!
Also. I just added a lil' somethin' to the blog here, right over there in the margin à

Well, over in the margin and up a little bit. At the top of the right margin. See it? Yay!

I do my best to share most of my blog posts via Facebook and Twitter, but I know some of us (ahem, Moi) are glued to our email constantly. So in case you'd like to receive updates every time I post, rather than having to catch them on social media or visit this site directly, go ahead and subscribe via email, so as to never miss a Daily Bailey beat!

That's all! Back to your lives now! Hugs.

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