Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The 1,000 List, Installment #6!

You asked for it! (Or maybe you didn't.) 100 more things I'm grateful for in this precious life we're given. Happy holiday season, y'all!

501. The term "sheet cake"
502. The word "rung," as in the rung of a ladder
503. The adorable kitchen that Abby and I decorated in our apartment! I love the conglomeration of our various collected dishes, cookbooks. Her mouse sugar jar with my cat spoon rest. Two lives brought together in love and happiness. (No we're not married but yes it sounds like it).
504. The organization and decorating possibilities when moving into a new place
505. The feeling of a wet paintbrush across my face -- when getting my face painted
506. The waxy texture of pumpkin seeds between my teeth
507. Tiki bars
508. Ballet skirts
509. Sleeping in on Saturdays (I mean duh)
511. Putting on dry clothes after a swim
512. The Berenstain Bears books
513. Sitting on the patio with Abby after work, slingin' beers, catchin' up. Sometimes about serious stuff, mostly fun.
514. Busy work -- I know most people hate it, but I find it to be very zen.
515. Making friendship bracelets
516. When Alex calls me "Sweetie Pie" in his Polish (Russian?) accent
517. Massaging the lemon in my glass of water with a straw
518. Interlacing fingers and leaning in to Alex during a sad or heartfelt part of a movie
519. From the parking lot of an amusement park, hearing people scream as they go down a drop of a roller coaster
520. Musical mash ups
521. Medleys
522. Taylor Swift tunes
523. Seeing "5:23" on a clock and thinking about my birthday
524. Going to the bar where Alex and I had our first date
525. Writing dates with Alex
526. Corn dogs
527. When the screenplay of a movie I really love was written by a woman
528. Tater tots
529. (Sometimes) working with spreadsheets
530. Homemade vegetable soup. In the fall.
531. When people get excited and happy that I cooked for them
532. Dressing hippie-ish
533. A "good day" at church
534. An available parking space at Trader Joe's
535. Shopping at Fresh & Easy (which sadly closed!!)
536. Getting all prepared for a training at work. Printing handouts, gathering highlighters and Post-Its, etc.
537. The Stepmom soundtrack
538. Laying out by the pool until it's too hot to handle, jumping in the pool, getting out and drying in the sun, then doing it all over again
539. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack
540. Ordering a bunch of entrees and sharing them, round robin
541. Licking batter off of beaters
542. Abed from Community
543. Ch- ch- ch- chia seeds!
544. Chia pets. Duh.
545. Yelling "Opa!" when things happen
546. Counting train cars
547. Trains
548. Typing on a typewriter
549. Dancing at weddings
550. When my dad pretends to still believe in Santa Claus
551. Chickens
552. Shooting pool (especially with my mom, who kicks my a**)
553. Reunions
554. Shirley from Community
555. Watching tennis. They make it look so easy.
556. Bachelorette parties
557. Colorful pennant bunting
558. Getting "girlified" (i.e. doing makeup and hair, borrowing jewelry and dresses while listening to poppy music) with Abby
559. Party favors
560. Pulled pork and cole slaw sandwiches
561. Lemon poppy seed muffins
562. The infamous line (well, infamous to me and about three of my college friends and my dad) in the movie Hair: "You MISSED it!"
563. When you're looking for something and you're able to shout: "Found it!"
564. When you're typing things into an online form, and the cursor automatically moves from one field to the next once you've filled in the necessary information. So, for example, when you're typing in a phone number, you type in the area code, the cursor then jumps to the next box for you to start typing the rest of the phone number (rather than having you tab to the next field).
565. Bowling
566. Building a layered casserole and seeing it come out of the oven all bubbly
567. Care packages from Mommy!
568. Crankin' out a new blog post
569. That tantalizing, magical, beautiful happening in one's mouth when she eats candy and popcorn in rapid succession and washes them down with soda
570. Bookstores
571. Straight leg jeans
572. Libraries
573. The song "Silver Bells"
574. "The Santa Clause"
575. Shooting pool with Abby, or Mom
576. Julia Roberts' flouncy ponytails in "Mona Lisa Smile"
577. Putting together a care package or card or other little something for the mail and then receiving the excitement from the person you sent it to
578. Christmas stockings
579. St. Nicholas Day
580. Going on a cruise with friends
581. When the cat is lying in bed with me and the weight of his body is smashed against me, kind of sideways smushing my leg
582. Knockin' out another chapter in my book!!
583. I'm not a huge fan of Lindor truffles themselves, but I love crumpling their wrappers when I'm done eating one. Because they are part plastic, one would expect them to crinkle only to re-expand once you loosen your grip. But because they are reinforced with foil, they stay nice and tightly bound. :) It's the little things, People. That's what these lists are all about: counting the little and realizing how much it counts for.
584. Patty Griffin's music
585. Brandi Carlile's VOICE! For crying out loud.
586. Sometimes cinnamon gum can be very refreshing.
587. Cross stitching or reading in my car during my lunch breaks at work
588. Talking to nice people on the phone!
589. Etsy
590. Coloring books
591. A fresh box of crayons, with perfect tips on each one
592. Doing anything with Abby. Shooting pool, shooting the breeze, talking in the kitchen, driving in the car. Love her.
593. Jigsaw puzzles
594. Tater tots
595. When me and a friend are equally hyper at the same moment
596. Laughing so hard that patch behind your ear hurts
597. Laughing at work! Thank God we can sometimes laugh at work!
598. Carol of the Bells
599. A walk. I usually don't anticipate a walk to be anything special, but often I find them uplifting. Brightening. They shake the dust off ya and get your brain firing and your heart pumping again.
600. Twinkly lights

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