Friday, May 6, 2016

Book update (halfway there!)

I kind of want to keep quiet about this, because I don't want to brag about something that isn't finished, or jinx it, or, especially, slow myself from working on it. I know how dangerous resting places can be, soft cushiony nests lined with laurel leaves. Nests that invite you to stay awhile, have a snack, forget the life-giving project you're working on.

Nevertheless, I'm not sure how I got here.

I mean, I do. I sat my "butt in chair," as Anne Lamott advises all writers to do, I opened up the Word document, and I typed.

Over and over, I typed.

And now I find myself at 25,000 (plus!) words.



Anne Lamott prays three major prayers:

Help me help me help me.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And Wow.

She prayed the first two for a long time, then added the third as she got older.

I suppose I have followed a similar suit. A lot of grappling fear and wondrous moments of peace and relief and bliss, with quick words in edgewise to the Guy who watches it all.

And now, as I find myself looking at the bottom of my draft and seeing a 5-digit number, I just whisper into the air:


My book -- MY book! -- is 25,000 words. About halfway to where I expect it will end up.

And to think the idea -- a young adult novel about a girl struggling with anxiety -- just came about in my head while I was simply driving to lunch.

It bears repeating:



[Also THANK YOU! for all your support. Xo]

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