Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hungry hippo

It's a two donut kind of day, y'all.

I'm. Ex. Hausted!

It was almost too much effort to put an exclamation point on the end of that sentence.

Do y'all call them exclamation marks?

Or points?

I call them points.

It just seems right.

They're making a POINT!

They're not simply marking something down, like a tally on a clipboard.

This bothers me that they are to be called marks.

A mark you get in school.

A point is how you end a statement with gusto.

I'm hungry. I want popcorn and Thai food and my bed oh wait that's not a food.

But I want it.

Cat in place beside me, fuzzy and sprawled (or tucked). Soft, positive music playing. Cross stitch in hand, to work on until I fall asleep, making the book beside me just a wish.

I'm reading another Marisa de los Santos book. Woman is incredible, I don't know why you, too, aren't reading yet another MDLS book. Get to gettin', y'all.

That makes three "y'alls" in this blog post so far. I'm keeping a tally.

I'm tired.

I believe that's three times I've alluded to that.

I'm repetitive today. Which is why I decided to repeat the eating of my first sprinkle donut with a second.

Over and out...y'all.


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