Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 things that are making today great!

It's your mental health captain speaking!
First, we'll start with today's full disclosure, honesty-about-Bailey's-well-being recap (because honesty, in my (honest) opinion, is the first step toward giving you peace of mind):
Bails is exhausted and with a spinning head. She was up in the middle of the night with big life questions and possibilities both exciting and frightening her.
But! Here in the daylight*, she is counting her positives!!! I urge you to do the same! It's powerful! Research shows it!
*Fluorescent office light
1. Max's cat sitter is on board and willing to watch him while I'm on my upcoming vacation.
2. Somehow I am able to swim through alllll the details at work and knock out projects and meetings.
3. I called to cancel my massage and they didn't charge me.
4. I ate salad last night and loved it.
5. Carbonated water curbs my cravings for beer, which will hopefully curb the size of my belly. (I just bought three 12-packs).
6. I got to talk to my brother Patrick, my fellow middle child, while I was grocery shopping last night.
7. My book is 26,149 words long (!!!)
8. For once, I am in the green, according to Mint.com, with this month's budget.
9. I have been asked to speak at a mental health event this weekend, and I am honored and thrilled that my church is putting this on and acknowledging the role of faith and wellness together.
10. I made a special playlist just for today, which includes all the people I will see in concert this year: Rachael, Bonnie**, Brandi, Tegan, Sara, Sam. I heart music soooo much.
**She doesn't need a website link to refer you to who she is, because everyone should know who Bonnie is.
All right, your turn! What are your positives today?
Be well. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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