Saturday, December 31, 2016

This was the year...

2016 was a year of a lot of things. Many are calling it a terrible year, but it wasn't 100 percent bad, if you ask me. It was certainly full, though, I'll give you that. 

Today I filled my cart with $200 worth of groceries. I took all the expired food out of the fridge, loaded the dishwasher, and took out a bunch of trash. And now I'm sitting here, looking back on many of the things that occurred in my life this year. So without further ado:

This was the year...

Max became a lap cat on hyperdrive. 

I lost my last grandparent.

I started writing prayers for Bethel.

I made really good friends at Bethel.

I saw Bonnie Raitt and Dolly Parton in concert. 

I discovered that Glen Hansard is amazing live. 

A crystal got dislodged in my left ear, making me curiously dizzy for a month.

A doctor declared me to have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, making me an overachiever with plantar fasciitis in both feet. 

I went to Kansas City four times. 

My great pal Laura visited me three times. 

I saw Europe. 

I spent Christmas as quietly as I probably ever have. Playing trial and error with my psychotropic meds made for a withdrawn Bailey. 

I learned that Jesca Hoop and Sam Beam are an incredible duo.

I held my bestie's thirdborn child. 

I developed a penchant for fizzy water. 

I weighed probably the most I ever have. 

I sang so much karaoke that I no longer get a fearful buzz in me when I take the mic. Which I consider both a triumph and a loss. 

I started wearing makeup more often. Which is to say, I wasn't a bridesmaid this year and I actually wore makeup. 

I became close with a girl I met online. 

I applied to graduate school again. 

Alex got in a terrible biking accident and walked out with many deep cuts but not a broken bone or any other serious injury, thank God. 

The Chiefs were actually good. 

I completed two half marathons. 

I combed a glittering beach in Mexico with my love and our friends, filling our pockets to bursting with shells and rocks. 

I bonded with a girl who previously (and still does, but less so now that I've befriended her) made me jealous. 

I saw people panic and cry over an election. 

I watched the Internet brim with self righteousness and vitriol.

I got a smart phone, a Netflix account, and several Apple products. 

I decided I really enjoy Instagram.

I got closer with my mama.

I got some Xanax and realized it works wonders for my flight anxiety. 

I flew from LA to Kansas City without Xanax and was very proud of myself. 

I agreed with myself that ukuleles still really bother me.

I ate chips like there was about to be a chip prohibition.

I got glasses.

I sang in church with a microphone, twice. 

One of those times I sang with Garrison Starr, and became instantly transfixed by her voice and bought tickets to her show at the Hotel Cafe. 

I decided I'm allowed to be from Kansas and not love the song "Over the Rainbow."

I learned the names of two players on the Kansas City Chiefs. (And I think I know their positions, too).

I stitched muppets. 

I blogged, and felt proud of several of my posts.

I developed a very strong ability to berate myself -- chiefly for exercising too little, drinking too much caloric beer, spending too much money, and essentially never cleaning. 

I called my parents about once a week.

I buried the hatchet in a troublesome relationship.

I read probably the least I have in the last four or so years.

I started to speed read a lot more. 

I developed a huge author crush on Marisa de los Santos.

I ditched a relationship with a medical professional who wasn't serving me well anymore.

I fell in love with Lauren Daigle's tunes.

I felt self conscious in a bathing suit for the first time maybe ever.

I bought a scale. 

I very briefly counted calories. 

I joined party planning committees at work. I set up decorations and told my colleagues that doing so was giving me a chance to be on the Prom Committee I was too timid to join in high school. 

I owned the irony that I hate hiking but am willing to walk for miles on suburban sidewalks.

I became obsessed with Words with Friends and later deleted the app from my phone. 

I enjoyed taking photos with my new camera.

Speaking no Deutsch, I found a post office in Vienna and rode the subway all by myself. And I was exhilarated and it was one of my favorite days of the whole year. 

I watched Titanic for the first time and, after discussing its traumatic effect on me with my therapist, decided I never need to watch that movie ever again. 

I bought two books about the Titanic, even though the thought of that sinking ship gives me tremendous anxiety. Ha! I'm a nut. 

Well, Kiddoes, that's a good long list for now. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to go out tonight or stay in -- though I'm betting big money I'll stay in. 

I'm going to try to be nicer to myself next year. I'm going to try and live within my means, and not by the aid of a credit card. I want to cook more for Alex, because he's wonderful and he deserves it. I'm going to snuggle with Max so much. I want to exercise more, eat more vegetables, consume less alcohol. I want to read more. 

OK. I'll leave you for now. Be safe tonight. Auld lang syne and all that. Thanks, as always, for another year of reading this blog. Means the world. 


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  1. Found this list through FB and love it! I can identify with a fair amount...and it made me miss you and want to visit once I have an income again!