Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rearranging the Rainbow

I had my Bible study group over to my house last night, and German, our leader, brought over his two daughters. We set them up with a DVD here in my "office"/guest room/catch-all, hold-all-of-the-extra-junk-in-the-house room while we met in the living room for what was last night, an intense, science/postmodernism discussion in which I learned about cybercrime. Whoa. Cybercrime. My eyes have been opened, y'all. And just take note that if I ever invite you to Bible study, we may discuss things like cybercrime--it's not all Adam and Eve, Jesus and the Beatitudes.

Anyway, so German's girls, Lucy and Reese, were instructed by Daddy not to touch anything in here. "No touchy" were his exact words. Multiple times during our study Reese would pop her head out of the room and let Dad know that Lucy was "touching things." At one point she said that Lucy "touched-ed" something, and Joe and I exchanged highly amused glances, from which I had to turn away because I didn't want to giggle and make German more frustrated with the situation.

When they left last night, German explained to me that "some things might be out of place" up here. I told him that was totally fine, which it is, and was amused at the findings this morning. Notably, in my trash can, which is otherwise empty, an entire container of colored pencils has been dumped. Also, on the desk is a pile of fluorescent pencil top erasers. These are the most puzzling and amusing to me, because I have no idea where Lucy even found these erasers. Meanwhile they evoked such nostalgia in me for my grade school wonder years, that I am planning on decorating some pencils, hmm, perhaps the colored pencils...with them even though we all know that practically, these erasers are kind of annoying. They fall off the pencils, don't erase all that well. Basically they're just in the way. But this particular collection (again, arriving from who knows where) is so new and shiny and beautiful. Yay for rainbow items, in piles on desks or heaped in trash cans.
P.S. Today we are entering our 7th month on The Daily Bailey, and yesterday we received our 19th follower!! Welcome, Lynn! And thanks to all you readers for making my writing worthwhile!


  1. You should probably specify that German's name is pronounced Herman so they don't think you are hosting a Nazi party or anything crazy like that. Just sayin...

  2. Technically it is pronounced "Hair-Mawn," but when I tried to learn it that way German said, "No, Bailey, I've been Americanized, give it up!"

    Sad day in my life, that was.

  3. Cybercrime? Man, I am sorry I missed it.

    Thanks for tolerating the girls. :) They enjoy redecorating and reorganizing, so it sounds like they were actually behaving quite well if they only touched the pencils and erasers.