Tuesday, August 21, 2012

(Somewhat) little known fact (since a lot of people watch Ellen, and people have made similar comments on YouTube to what I'm blogging about)

Did you know Ellen can sing?

No, like for real.

I feel like she's trying to be funny in this video -- as well as show off her voice -- but her singing really beats out the humor here. She's got some pipes!

Here she is with Ms. Hudson, singing one of my favorite ballads. At first I called it a diva anthem, but I don't even want to put that title on it, because, as my brother recently reminded me that I like divas (it's true, I do), this song is more than that. It's too emotionally powerful to just be labeled with a "diva" description. It has diva talent and attitude, for sure, but it also has heart. Like whoa. Such a great song:

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  1. Way funny! Ellen's shirt bugs me though! It looks like a man's tidy whities!