Thursday, September 6, 2012

Excel, the new distraction from colds

First, I am home sick today.

Go ahead. Feel a little bad for me.

Next, I wanted to share with you that, to occupy my time (I'm currently waiting to hit a conk out stage when my body is ready to take a nap) I am literally making a spreadsheet to help decide when I should take a trip to see family and friends this year. Obviously if I had endless money and freedom to travel, I would travel home more than once or twice this year, but for now I'm turning to Microsoft Office to help me calculate.

The spreadsheet involves columns of family members and my besties. The rows represent holidays or events, and in each cross section I indicate the likelihood that I will see each family member or friend at that event.

The final column is headed "yesses," and displays the current tallies for number of people (approximate, not counting spouses and kiddos) I will see at each event.

Do you think I should draw from a hat instead?

Oh my goodness, I just realized I didn't put Dibbs on the list. What is the matter with me?