Friday, September 7, 2012

The gang from the (P) hood

Since you asked,

I have taken it upon myself to categorize the characters from Parenthood into my faves and not so faves. Now, I would never use my blog in this way to discuss real people, so you don't need to worry about me "rating" you in an upcoming post.

However, I have decided to leave kiddos and babies (Jabbar, Sydney, Nora, Max) out of it, because that's not fair. They might be fictional characters, but come on. Teens, meanwhile, are held accountable for their attitudes and actions, even if they are from a script.

I tried to make this a simpler list of love, dislike, and somewhere in the middle. As you will find, it got more complicated (this was really hard, I tweaked this list a lot*). Here goes. See you on Tuesday for the premiere!


     Sarah, Zeek, Christina


     Amber, Drew, Mark

Like quite a lot:

     Crosby, Millie

Somewhere in the middle (i.e., she's okay/growing on me):


Tolerable, but let's be honest I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time with him:


These two are in the category of: I liked them more at first, but now I'm not as big a fan. I do love that they represent a family with woman as breadwinner:

     Joel, Julia

Annoying, needs an attitude check:


How do you categorize these peeps?

*My brother, Patrick, is probably rolling his eyes times ten right now. He thinks I analyze TV characters way too much.


  1. Adam is one of my favorites! Who's Millie?

    1. Millie is Camille. Doesn't Zeek call her Millie sometimes?

  2. In total agreement about Hattie. She gets on my last nerve! I like Adam, but that's probably just because I'm a square like him. Sometimes, Crosby was just too flaky for me. I've always loved Joel (except for that one weird time with that little girl's mom), and I'm back and forth on Julia, too, but I mainly like her. Zeek is awesome!

  3. I am weighing in with the benefit of the aforementioned season behind me. I didn't love Julia at first, but now that I've seen her vulnerability and honesty as a mom, I do! I have always loved Joel and am so glad they've given him more to do. Sarah needs therapy and Al Anon. I like her and have a heart for her, but want to love her. She has growing up to do. Zeek. Sheesh. Control freak. Enjoy watching him. Glad he's not my pop. Camille. Meh. Adore Christina and Adam. As an oldest, I relate to Adam and the burden of that role. He is trying so hard to be a good dad, husband and man in general. Christina is a fiercely-loving mom, who would do anything for her kids. I am obsessed with her hair, eyebrows and wrinkle-free forehead. Crosbie--Always loved his free spirit and now love him even more. Jasmine. Didn't like. Now do, as she is softening and not quite so self-righteous and stubborn. Her mom needs to butt out. Hattie--I miss her. Again, relate to the burdens of the eldest. I will pick on one of the kids because I'm not as nice as you. I am probably in the minority, but I am sick of Max and that storyline. I think they are too indulgent of him, but that's just me. Drew is so sweet. Amber is my favorite character on the show. LOVE.

    1. "I am obsessed with her hair, eyebrows and wrinkle-free forehead." Hilarious!!!

      I LOVE Amber.

      I've heard that Drew is sweet in person; he's one of the more affectionate members of the younger cast. Did you know he and Amber live together (but are not dating) in real life?

    2. I'm a little sad about the "meh" for Camille. But you have the right to your opinion, Mary No.